You Can Only Be You is a song featured in The Great Race. The song is performed by Tina Desai as Ashima, John Hasler as Thomas in the UK dub, and Joseph May as Thomas in the US dub. The song is also featured as a music video in the bonus features on the DVD release.


(Note: Ashima's lyrics are in pink, while Thomas' lyrics are in blue)

:Every engine that I ever knew

Was at least a little different from the others

And some were very, very different too

Even from their sisters and their brothers

You can only be you

There's nothing else you can possibly do

It's plain to me that you're trying to hard

So instead just be who you are

You wish you could be faster, bigger, stronger

You wish you could have more than six small wheels

You think if you were just a little longer

You'd have more railway show appeal

(Of course!) Every bit of me is short and stumpy!

My funnel, and my boiler, and my dome!

Can't you see my paintwork's old and frumpy?

That's why I'll be the one who's left at home

Why do I have to be me?

Is this what I'm really meant to be?

Break me, shake me, take me all apart

There has to be a better place to start

Every bit of you is neat and tidy

There's nothing that you need to rearrange

If you ask me you're completely bona fide

What makes you think there's anything to change?

Why do I have to be me?

Is this what I'm really meant to be?
Calm down, be quiet

You know in your heart

There isn't any other place to start

Why do I have to be me? (You can only be you...)
Is this what I'm really meant to be?
(There's nothing else you can do...)
Shake me, break me, take me all apart

And find a better place to start

You don't have to try, just be who you are

And trust your six small wheels to take you far


Oliver's caterpillar treads and Harold's propeller also appear as parts on Thomas during the fantasy sequences.


  • When Ashima sings during Thomas' performance, the on-screen lyrics in the music video are green. This is the first time that the lyrics in a music video are in a different colour other than yellow.


  • Just before Ashima sings "Calm down, be quiet", Annie and Clarabel disappear from behind her. However, after the close-up shot of her, they reappear in the next scene.

Music Video

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