The Great Railway Show Diesels are a group of diesel shunters who work in a large shunting yard on the Mainland. When the Great Railway Show was being held on the Mainland, these diesel shunters arranged the trucks for the contestants.


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When the Great Railway Show was being held on the Mainland, the Diesel Shunters were present at the yard the event was being held in, arranging the trains for the other contestants. They shunted the trucks that were used in the strength competition, and later put the trucks in their places for the shunting challenge.

The Diesel Shunters cleaned up the yard after the Great Railway Show ended, and shunted the trucks back into their proper sidings. (TVS; The Great Race)

Technical Details


Diesel is based on the BR Class 08. These diesel shunters were the most popular and successful diesel engines ever built, with over 900 of them being made. Today, over a hundred of these engines have been preserved. Diesel, 'Arry, Bert, Splatter, Dodge, Paxton, Sidney, and the Diesel Shunter also share this basis.


The Diesel Shunters are all painted red and yellow. Their front ends are painted with black and yellow hazard stripes, their ladders and footsteps are painted white, and their coupling chains, buffers and siderods are red.


Thomas & Friends



  • Two of the Diesel Shunters have faces similar to Paxton and Diesel with minor changes.


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