The Great Race is the 2016 Thomas & Friends special, and the ninth special overall. It was released on DVD in the UK on September 3rd, 2016, and in the the US on DVD and Blu-ray on September 13th.




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Goofs, Bloopers and Continuity Errors

  • There are several animation errors in Will You Won't You:
    • When the song first begins, an elbow from one of Thomas' crew members merges through the cab door.
    • Duck is not emitting any steam when he goes through Knapford.
    • In the US dub, Stanley and Norman's voices are swapped.
    • As Gordon pulls into the station, Emily is seen departing the station with a passenger train. However, the second coach is not rendered properly, as only its chassis is seen.
    • Rex's tender merges through his cab, and his Driver's head is merging into his boiler.
    • Stephen's wheels are moving faster than his driving wheels.
    • When James and Gordon show up in the yard, James' bufferbeam slightly clips into Gordon's cylinder. However, in the next short, they are not as close to each-other as before.
    • In the US dub, when Thomas comes into the yard to sing, Emily can be heard laughing, but she is nowhere to be seen.
  • As the engines leave the yard, Henry has Edward's whistle.
  • There are a few animation errors during Streamlining:
    • When Thomas is being disassembled, the front part of his cab is removed. However, in the close-up of him before he tries out his new wheels, the front of his cab reappears.
    • When James puts on his brakes, his tender wheels spark, but these are not fitted with brakes.
  • When Thomas arrives at Brendam Docks, the conflat behind him is floating above the rails.
  • There are several inconsistencies and animation errors throughout the scene when the international engines arrive at the Docks:
  • Annie is not coupled up to Ashima when she leaves Maithwaite.
  • When Diesel shunts his train into the yard, his coupling chain is sticking outward.
  • As Thomas is pushed out of the yard by the runaway trucks, Dart's crate is missing.
  • Thomas tells Ashima that the ferry will be stopping at Brendam Docks. However, it only stopped there once, and even then, it was a mistake.




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