Tasha was the late wife of Burnett Stone, and Lily's grandmother.


Thomas and the Magic Railroad

When Tasha was a child, Burnett Stone told her a secret about Lady, the engine responsible for keeping the Magic Railroad alive, and promised to take her on a trip on the engine. However, Lady was badly damaged in an accident, and Burnett was unable to keep his promise to Tasha. When Tasha died, Burnett became so depressed that he refused to leave Muffle Mountain.

Behind the Scenes

Although Tasha only spoke as a child in the final cut of the film, she was going to have a bigger appearance in the original cut, and would have been seen as an adult too. Had the movie gone the way Britt Allcroft wanted it to, there would have been a scene where Stacy shows Lily a picture of a young Burnett and Tasha dancing. This would then lead a lengthy flashback of the dance, with a young P.T. Boomer angrily watching from the sidelines. The song that would have been featured in this scene, Some Things Never Leave You, was still featured in the final cut, albeit as a song playing on Burnett's radio.