Stephen Topham Hatt (1941) is the son of Sir Charles Topham Hatt, the grandson of Sir Topham and Lady Hatt, and Bridget Hatt's older brother.

In the Railway Series, Stephen assumed his father's role as Controller of the North Western Railway in 1984, and became Sir Topham Hatt III in 1997. In Thomas & Friends, Stephen has remained a child since his first appearance.


The Railway Series

Thomas & Friends

Personality and Traits

Physical Appearance

As an adult, Sir Stephen Topham Hatt is portrayed as a short, stout gentleman. He wears a black jacket over a cream waistcoat, a white shirt, grey trousers, a pair of black shoes, a black tie and a top hat. In his first appearance as the Fat Controller, Stephen had a brown waistcoat, black hair and a handlebar moustache.

In the television series, Stephen has always been portrayed as a small boy with short brown hair. His normal attire consists of a green jacket over a white shirt, a black tie, brown shorts and a pair of black shoes. Starting with the third season, Stephen wore a green sweater instead of his jacket and tie, but went back to wearing his first season attire in the seventeenth season.


The Railway Series

Thomas & Friends



  • Stephen Hatt is the first of the Fat Controllers to sport facial hair; he was seen with a moustache in Really Useful Engines.



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