Splatter is a diesel shunter and the twin brother of Dodge. He and his twin both worked as accomplices for Diesel 10, but turned against him when he attempted to destroy Lady.


Thomas and the Magic Railroad

When Diesel 10 returned to Sodor, he brought Splatter and Dodge with him to carry out his plans. The two diesels were usually present when Diesel 10 was scheming, and often kept an eye out for the steam engines, who their boss was wanting to eliminate. However, very few of Diesel 10's plans succeeded, and Splatter was left covered in sneezing dust when he and Dodge were too close to Tidmouth Sheds.

Splatter was later given the task of finding the Magic Buffers with Dodge for Diesel 10, as he intended to destroy them and server all ties between the Magic Railroad and Sodor. However, Splatter was unable to find the Magic Buffers. Splatter also questioned Diesel 10 on some of his actions, such as when he threw Mr. Conductor right at the Windmill.

When Diesel 10 found out that Lady had returned to Sodor, he vowed to destroy her and ordered his minions to assist him. However, Splatter and his twin refused to assist Diesel 10, as they had grown tired of working for him.[1]

It is unknown what happened to Splatter after he and his twin abandoned Diesel 10, but he most likely returned to the Mainland when he was no longer needed on Sodor.

Personality and Traits

Splatter is awkward, cowardly and simple-minded. He is much more talkative than his twin, and enjoys watching Diesel 10 make a fool of himself when his plans go wrong. Although he is feared by Percy, Splatter lacks the intelligence to be considered a dangerous foe, as he is rather ignorant and dense.

Despite initially siding with Diesel 10, Splatter was reluctant to destroy a fellow engine, even a steam engine, and when Diesel 10 threatened to destroy Lady, he and his twin both turned against their former boss, as they had become tired of his tricks.

Technical Details


Splatter is based on the BR Class 08. These diesel shunters were the most popular and successful diesel engines ever built, with over 900 of them being made. Today, over a hundred of these engines have been preserved. Diesel, 'Arry, Bert, Dodge, Paxton, Sidney, the Diesel Shunter and the Great Railway Show Diesels also share this basis.


Splatter is painted purple and grey. His name is written on his sides in white writing, and his paint is heavily weathered.


Thomas & Friends



  • Splatter's model never returned from Canada after filming for Thomas and the Magic Railroad had ended.
  • Splatter's model was made out of either 'Arry or Bert's fifth season model.


Range Released Discontinued Notes Image
Wooden Railway
2000 (with Dodge)
2002 (individually)
2011 (reintroduction)
2001 (with Dodge)
2003 (individually)
2012 (reintroduction)
  • Magnetic couplers allow for the engine to couple to compatible rolling stock
  • Previously availabe in the Dodge & Splatter two-pack
  • Magnetic couplers allow for the engine to couple to compatible rolling stock
  • Compatible with the Wooden Railway range
2002 (US)
2004 (UK)
  • Based on the movie, "Thomas and the Magic Railroad"


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