Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure is the second Thomas & Friends special released in 2015, and is the ninth hour-long special overall. It was released on DVD and Blu-ray in the US on September 8th, 2015, and on DVD in the UK on September 28th.


Unearthing an old pirate ship, Thomas is on the hunt for Sodor's lost treasure. When Thomas rocks the boat with some new friends, trouble soon rushes in. Will Thomas track down the treasure in time or will Sailor John set sail with it?


It is a bright, sunny morning, and Thomas is puffing along his branch line with Annie and Clarabel, when he sees Bertie passing by. Thomas decides to race Bertie despite his coaches telling him not to, and the two race against each-other. However, Thomas is being careless, narrowly avoiding rail work being carried out and nearly running into Toby at a junction. Though it appears as if Bertie is winning, he becomes held up as Oliver is slowly trundling down the road. When Thomas reaches Ffarquhar, Annie and Clarabel both scold him for going at such high speeds, when Bertie crossly arrives at the station. He tells Thomas that, ever since construction on the new branch line from Arlesburgh Harbour to Harwick has started, he has been held up by construction vehicles making their way to the construction site. Annie and Clarabel both fear that their branch line will be closed in favor of the new one, but Thomas dismisses it, believing his branch line is too important to be shut down.

Meanwhile, Marion is making her way to the construction site of the new branch line. As she passes through a forest, she takes the time to enjoy the scenery, when two small engines dart past her from behind the bushes. Marion is startled and shuts her eyes, when she suddenly runs into Toad and Oliver. Marion apologizes to them, but becomes frightened when a small red engine races up a platform with some trucks. Toad introduces Marion to Rex, Bert and Mike, the three miniature engines. Marion is in awe at what she sees and asks if the small engines are real, to which they reply they are and that they deliver ballast and wool for the bigger engines, as well as carry passengers too. As Toad and Oliver leave the junction, a black tender engine rushes past Marion.

At the Construction Yard, Duck is shunting a row of trucks, when Donald and Douglas both arrive. Duck is amazed, as he has not seen either twin in a long time, but they tell him that they only went away to retrieve more rails and sleepers. Meanwhile, Jack and Alfie are both getting ready for work, when Oliver arrives. Oliver hastily apologizes for being late, but both construction vehicles do not mind and get to work.

The next morning, Thomas is having trouble steaming, and is too tired to leave the shed. The other engines remind him that he needs to shunt Gordon's coaches, but he is in no hurry to do that. When Thomas arrives at Knapford, Gordon is crossly waiting for him at the station. Thomas calls Gordon lazy for not fetching his own coaches, but Gordon retorts that tender engines do not shunt, as that is what "silly little tank engines" do. Determined to prove Gordon wrong, Thomas decides he will pull the Express and races through the station with Gordon's coaches. Unfortunately, Thomas races through the junction too fast, and the coaches fly off the rails when he tries to slow down.

Meanwhile, at the Construction Yard, Marion tries to play 'Guess What's in My Shovel' with Donald, but he is too busy to play games. She decides to play with Oliver the Excavator instead, but he is not that interested. When Marion asks the excavator what his name is, she is shocked to find out that his name is Oliver. She believes that the engine made a wish and turned himself into a digger, and although Oliver tries to tell her that is not the case, she does not listen to him. She believes that he made a wish to the Small Engines, and decides she will make one too.

At Knapford, the Fat Controller has come to inspect the accident. Thomas tries to pin the blame on Gordon and Emily, but the Fat Controller knows for a fact that Thomas did it. As punishment for his overconfident behavior, the Fat Controller tells Thomas that he will take away his branch line and send him to the Construction Yard to work there. When Thomas asks who will run his branch line, a new tank engine named Ryan pulls into the station. The Fat Controller welcomes Ryan to his railway, while Thomas looks on in shock.

At the construction site, work goes on as usual, when the men suddenly notice that the ground underneath the track is beginning to crumble. They manage to flag down Donald before he can cross the track, then call up some engineers to examine the line. The engineers deem the ground too unstable to hold up an engine's weight, forcing the men to re-route the track.

Meanwhile, the Small Engines are working at Arlesburgh Junction, when Thomas glumly passes by. When Bert asks what is wrong, Thomas tells them about Ryan taking over his branch line and how Gordon insulted him. The Small Engines tell Thomas that, even if they come out on top, bigger engines always look down on smaller ones, and burst into song to cheer him up, but this unintentionally stirs up his overconfidence. When Thomas arrives at the Construction Yard, he remembers what the Small Engines told him about rails and ballast, and hastily shunts the flatbeds of rails and sleepers away. Thomas ignores the men calling for him to stop and runs over the dangerous track, and the ground beneath him gives way and forms a large sinkhole. Thomas tries to reverse, but his crew jump out of his cab, and he plunges into the sinkhole. One truck after another, Thomas rolls down the sinkhole until he lands inside a large cavern, badly damaging himself. When the dust settles, Thomas is amazed to discover a very old and abandoned pirate ship resting inside the cavern.

At Knapford, Ryan introduces himself to Annie and Clarabel and starts his work on Thomas' branch line, leaving both coaches to wonder where Thomas has gone. At the scene of the accident, Rocky lifts Thomas out of the cavern, who is badly damaged. The Fat Controller scolds Thomas for causing the accident, but Thomas says that it is not his fault and tries to tell him about the Pirate Ship, but the Fat Controller believes he is making up excuses and orders Emily to take Thomas to the Steamworks. As this goes on, an old man watches Thomas being lifted out of the cavern from the sea. He angrily stomps on his sailboat for bobbing up and down so much, and the sailboat apologizes.

Thomas is sent to the Steamworks to be repaired, but is in no rush to get back to work. He tells Victor about Ryan and how his branch line was taken away, but Victor reassures Thomas that the Fat Controller would never replace him. Kevin agrees, and tells Thomas that despite all the accidents he has caused, he still works at the Steamworks. Just then, Edward arrives at the Steamworks and tells the engines that Rocky has discovered the Pirate Ship in the cavern, much to Thomas' fury.

At the cavern, Rocky lifts the Pirate Ship out of the sinkhole, much to everyone's amazement. Alfie asks how the Pirate Ship could have ended up in the cavern, and Jack believes that it was folded up like a ship in a bottle; however, Donald and Douglas both dismiss this, believing the cavern used to be open to the sea. Marion speculates that, if there is a pirate ship around, then there must be buried treasure nearby too. Excited, she races back to Arlesburgh Junction, now knowing what her wish will be.

Meanwhile, at Arlesburgh Junction, Rex, Bert and Mike are finishing their work for the day, when Marion returns to the junction. Rex and Bert both flee, but before Mike can get the chance to get off the chute, Marion stops him with her shovel, trapping him. Mike begs for Marion to let go, but she refuses to do so until she makes her wish. Once when Marion makes her wish, Mike manages to break free and disappears in a cloud of steam, only fueling Marion's belief that the Small Engines are magic. Meanwhile, Donald and Douglas deliver the Pirate Ship to Arlesburgh Harbour, where a crowd of people gather round to see the ship's arrival, including the same man from before with his sailboat.

That night, Henry is pulling the "Flying Kipper", when he spots a small sailboat gliding along the line beside him. Frightened, he runs into a siding, shocked by what he saw. The next morning, he tells the other engines about this. James, Bill and Ben tease him and believe he was seeing things, but Edward is more sympathetic. Just then, Salty pulls up, believing that Henry has seen the "Lost Pirate". Salty explains that, back when the Lost Pirate was alive, he would sink merchant ships and steal their goods. Eventually, the Merchants and the Navy teamed up and tried to track the Lost Pirate down, so to hide from them, he hid his ship in a cavern and buried his treasure. In order to find the treasure again, the Lost Pirate made a map, but one windy evening, he loses the map when it is blown overboard, and to this day, the ghost of the Lost Pirate still continues his search for the treasure. All the engines are intrigued, but Cranky scoffs at Salty and believes it is just a silly story. Henry tries to tell the others that what he saw was real, but they all leave.

Thomas returns to Arlesburgh after being repaired, but is still left with the dirt and scratches he received from his accident. As he passes through the Harbour, Thomas notices the Pirate Ship and mutters that he was the one who found the ship, not noticing an unfamiliar man boarding the ship. When Thomas arrives at the Construction Yard, he finds Ryan already working there. Thomas asks the Fat Controller if he can return to his branch line, but the Fat Controller says that Percy is already taking care of the branch line and tells him he still has work to do at the Construction Yard, such as fetching more ballast. As the Fat Controller leaves, Thomas laments that he is no longer the Fat Controller's No. 1 engine. Meanwhile, Marion and the diggers are clearing away rocks, the former telling the others all about how she made a wish on Mike, but Oliver and Alfie are not that interested.

When Thomas arrives at Arlesburgh Junction, he is emitting dark smoke and sparks from his funnel. He believes that Ryan is making him feel ill, but the Small Engines conclude that he must have taken on some bad coal. That night, Thomas takes on fresh coal and heads over to the sheds, only to find Ryan already there. Ryan offers a space in the shed for him, but Thomas, still jealous of Ryan, chooses to sleep on a siding instead, upsetting him.

As Thomas sleeps on the siding, he notices the silhouette of a small boat gliding along the line towards the cavern. Choosing to investigate, Thomas quietly follows after the sailboat, but becomes noticed when he runs into a barrier. The old man from earlier turns his attention to Thomas and asks him who he is, to which Thomas introduces himself and tells the man that he discovered the cavern and ship, though Rocky took the credit from him. Upon hearing this, the man befriends Thomas and introduces himself as Sailor John, while his sailboat, Skiff, also befriends Thomas and reveals to him that they are searching for the treasure. Thomas agrees to help them out, and Sailor John ties a rope around his waist and Thomas' buffer to investigate the cavern. While Sailor John searches around, Skiff tells Thomas that they have been searching for Captain Calles' treasure and how Sailor John gave him railway wheels so they could search for the treasure on land. Just then, Sailor John says that he has discovered the map leading to the treasure, and Thomas pulls him out of the cavern. By now, the sun is beginning to rise, so Sailor John decides to head back home. As the wind has died down and Skiff cannot move by himself, Thomas pushes Sailor John and Skiff back to Arlesburgh Harbour, where the two sail away.

When Thomas returns to the Construction Yard, it is already morning. Just then, Ryan puffs out of the shed and asks Thomas if he saw him pushing a sailboat earlier, but Thomas denies this. As Ryan begins taking on more coal, Thomas notices that he is taking on the bad coal from the old hopper, but he does not tell him this. Meanwhile, Marion is trying to work on the next cutting, but the ground is too hard for her to dig at. Oliver explains that they have run out of dynamite, and they have to wait for a train from Brendam Docks. Marion suggests that Oliver make another wish and turn himself back into an engine to fetch the train, but Oliver says that it will not work.

By the time Ryan returns with the train of dynamite, dark smoke and sparks are blowing out of his funnel. He assumes he must have taken on some bad coal and is uncoupled from his train, when he begins to smell smoke. Upon noticing that the smoke is coming from his trucks, Ryan panics and bumps the trucks, but Marion stops the train and picks up the crate of lit dynamite. She tries to put the fuse out, but only worsens it. Marion then throws the dynamite to Alfie, who throws it to Jack, who throws it back into the trucks. Marion pushes the trucks back to Ryan, and Thomas buffers up to them. Thomas races to dispose of the dynamite, but Ryan cuts in front of him, screaming in horror until he is pushed onto a siding. Thomas orders a nearby workman to switch the points, and he shoves the trucks of dynamite into the cavern, which explodes. Though Thomas is cheered on by the others, the Fat Controller, who has seen everything, believes that Thomas was trying to harm Ryan and scolds him severely, ordering him to go back to his shed.

The diggers try to carry on, but without the dynamite, there is only so much that they can do. As the sun begins to set, Oliver decides to call it for the day, and he and the other construction vehicles leave to go to sleep. As Marion is digging into the cliffside, she notices a queer-looking box in her shovel and tries to tell the other diggers, only to notice that they have left. She decides to keep the box in her shovel until the next morning.

That night, all of the engines are sleeping, except for Thomas. When he sees Skiff and Sailor John passing by, he leaves his siding and goes over to see them. Sailor John manages to pinpoint the exact location of the treasure and asks if Thomas would like to help him, which Thomas is happy to do. Together, the three begin searching for the pirate treasure, but come morning, there is still no sign of it. Sailor John becomes irritated that the treasure is nowhere to be seen, then becomes suspicious of Thomas; he believes that someone may have found the treasure first, and as Skiff is always with him and Thomas is the only one apart from them who has seen the map, he believes Thomas may have found it and will not give it to them. When Skiff tells Sailor John that the sun is rising, Sailor John leaves, but not before telling Thomas that this is not the end. Disappointed, Thomas steams sadly away, when he bumps into Marion at a junction. Marion drops the box on top of Thomas, which busts open and reveals the pirate treasure he had just been looking for. The Fat Controller praises Marion for her discovery and announces that the treasure will be given to the Museum, while he sends Thomas to take some construction waste to the rubbish dump.

As Thomas travels along the line running by the Coastal Cliffs, it begins to storm. Just as he rounds a bend, Thomas sees Henry running away from the "Lost Pirate", only to discover that it is Sailor John and Skiff. Sailor John demands to know where the treasure is, and is infuriated to find out that the Fat Controller will be giving it to the Museum. Sailor John roars that he will get the treasure, but Thomas crossly tells him that the treasure never belonged to him or Captain Calles in the first place, and that it will be going to the Museum. Thomas then bumps Sailor John and Skiff onto a siding and crossly steams away, and as he does, Skiff apologizes to him.

Once when Thomas delivers the waste to the dump, he heads back to Knapford, where he watches the Fat Controller speaking to someone to the Museum over the phone. The Fat Controller is amazed to find out the treasure dates back to the 16th Century, and says that he will keep the treasure in a safe in his office until the next day. Thomas is still worried about the treasure when he returns to the Construction Yard, when Ryan says hello to him. Ryan thanks Thomas for saving him from the burning dynamite and apologizes for getting him into trouble, but Thomas believes he should be the one apologizing, as he never warned Ryan about the bad coal. Ryan does not mind and asks if Thomas wants to stay in the shed with him, but Thomas declines the offer and chooses to stay at Knapford.

That night, Thomas arrives at Knapford and sleeps on a siding where he can watch for anything. While he is sleeping, Sailor John and Skiff arrive at Knapford, and Sailor John uses a stick of dynamite to destroy the Fat Controller's office and the safe. The sound of the explosion wakes Thomas up, and he begins to chase after Sailor John. As Thomas reaches a hill on the Little Western, he is shocked to discover the Pirate Ship at the top of the hill, which Sailor John has rigged as an escape vehicle. Sailor John ties a horrified Skiff to the ship and releases the anchor, which releases the ship and allows it to race down the hill.

At Arlesburgh Junction, Ryan is concerned about Thomas and wonders what he is so worried about, when he sees the Pirate Ship coming through and panics. As the ship and Thomas come into view, Thomas calls to the Small Engines and asks for their help. Sailor John scoffs at the miniature engines' size, but together, they manage to shove a train of ballast hoppers off the chute and onto the standard gauge line. The Pirate Ship slams most of the trucks aside, but one of the trucks gets caught on the front of the ship, causing it to lose momentum. As the ship goes round a bend, a loose rope gets caught on Ryan's buffer, and as Ryan comes to a stop at a set of buffers, the ship is pulled over. Thomas congratulates Ryan and continues chasing after Sailor John.

By the time Thomas and Sailor John reach Arlesburgh, the sun is beginning to rise. Sailor John tries to slow Thomas down by throwing a shovel and Skiff's anchor at him, but this does not stop him. When Sailor John finds a set of dynamite, he lights it and laughs, but Skiff shakes around just as he is preparing to throw it, causing Sailor John to lose his aim and throw the dynamite away from Thomas. Skiff encourages Thomas to derail him, when Sailor John violently whacks Thomas in the face with an oar and threatens to leave Skiff in the dry dock if he goes against his orders. Thomas bumps into Skiff at a junction, but accidentally bumps him onto another track. Though it seems as if there is no hope left, Thomas notices that his line crosses over onto Skiff's, and runs into him at the crossing. Their relief is short-lived, for Thomas suddenly notices that the line they are on runs straight into the sea. Thomas lands in the sea and comes to rest atop of Skiff's chassis, while Skiff and Sailor John begin to sail away. Skiff wants to go back and help Thomas, but Sailor John threatens to end his life if he goes against him. Suddenly, a large wave causes Sailor John to lose the oar, and the treasure chest proves to be too heavy for Skiff to carry. Sailor John is too stubborn to throw the treasure overboard and orders Skiff to sail on, but a large wave capsizes Skiff, causing Sailor John to lose the treasure. Thomas believes that Skiff had perished, but when Skiff turns over and is alright, both are happy.

Sailor John admits defeat, and later that morning, the police come to arrest him. While this is happening, Rocky lifts Thomas onto a flatbed, when Thomas notices the Fat Controller has come. Thomas believes he will be punished again, but this time, the Fat Controller is proud of him, having been told by Ryan what he had done and that, despite the treasure being lost, he will always be his No. 1 engine. Thomas smiles and looks at his tanks, and for the first time in a long time, his number is finally showing.

At last, construction of the Harwick Branch Line has been completed, and the grand opening of the line is held. When both Oliver's arrive to attend the opening of the line, Marion is shocked to discover that there is actually more than one Oliver on the Island, when Thomas, now repainted and pulling his coaches again, arrives. The Fat Controller announces that the new branch line has been completed, and tells the engines that Ryan will be looking after the goods traffic on the line, while Daisy handles the passenger trains. The Fat Controller allows Thomas to cut the ribbon, and the engines travel down the new line. As they pass through Arlesburgh Junction, Thomas meets up with Skiff, who has been repainted and is giving out railboat tours at the harbour. That night, Thomas and Skiff watch the fireworks in the sky at Arlesburgh Harbour.


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