Smudger was a reckless narrow gauge tank engine who used to work on the Mid Sodor Railway with Duke. After having several derailments, he was turned into a generator.


Thomas & Friends

Prior to Stuart and Falcon's arrival, Smudger used to work on the Mid Sodor Railway with Duke. However, he was a show-off and rode roughly along the rails, which resulted in multiple accidents. Duke tried his best to look after Smudger and warned him about being careful, but Smudger took no notice and laughed it off. After many more accidents, Smudger was turned into a generator and placed behind the sheds at Arlesdale.

Duke once lectured Stuart and Falcon about Smudger's downfall, and they became "unusually good for several days" afterwards. (TVS; Granpuff)

It is currently unknown what happened to Smudger after the Mid Sodor Railway closed. However, it is most likely that he was either scrapped, left to rust behind the shed or was rescued.

Personality and Traits

Smudger was a reckless and irresponsible engine who enjoyed riding roughly on the line, even if this resulted in several accidents. He ignored any advice given to him and laughed rudely at Duke, and his bad behavior led to his downfall.

Technical Details




Thomas & Friends


  • Smudger is the first character in the television series who did not originally come from the Railway Series. However, his role is based on Stanley from the Railway Series book, Duke the Lost Engine.
  • Smudger's model was made using Rheneas' model. After Smudger's scenes were filmed, he was subsequently repainted back into Rheneas. This is why part of his cab is red, and why his coal bunker is red in a rare image from Granpuff.
  • Smudger's whistle sound was later used for Stepney in Thomas and Stepney, and Ryan starting with Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure.



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