Sam is a large American tender engine, who came to the Island of Sodor to help with the construction of the Sodor Museum.


Sodor Story Collection

Sam was brought to the Island of Sodor to assist with the construction of the new Sodor Museum. He handled the heavy goods work that needed to be taken care of, such as pulling the trains of heavy stone and rails that would be needed. When Percy derailed and fell into a ditch, Sam came to his rescue, and was given the honour of pulling the bell up to the Museum's clock tower when Rocky was unable to do so. As a reward for his hard work, Sam was allowed to lead the first group of people into the Museum.[1]

After their time on Sodor was over, Sam and Logan left the North Western Railway and returned to the Mainland.[2]

Personality and Traits

Sam is described as being a gentle giant. He is kind and friendly to everyone, and is willing to travel far and wide to help a friend out.

Technical Details


Sam is based on the Virginian Railway's AG "Blue Ridge" 2-6-6-6 locomotive. The engine which carried his number, 906, was built in 1945 and taken out of service and scrapped in 1960.


Sam is painted apple green and black with white lining. His number, 906, and the word "Virginian" are painted on the sides of his cab and tender respectively in white, and his name is painted on his boiler. In some illustrations, his number is also painted on his front end.


Sodor Story Collection



  • Sam is a merchandise-exclusive character for the Wooden Railway range, and as such will not appear in Thomas & Friends.
  • In real-life, Sam would be too big for the British loading gauge.
  • Sam is the only Sodor Story Collection character to have a voice actor.




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