Raul is a small Brazilian tank engine who has participated in the Great Railway Show at least twice. He competed in the shunting challenge both times.


Thomas & Friends

Raul previously took part in the Great Railway Show a few years ago, and competed in the shunting challenge. He was the winner of this event, and joined the Great Railway Show again to participate in the same event. He and the other engines were shipped to the Mainland on a ferry, but the ship accidentally stopped at Sodor. As the engines headed back to the ship, Thomas tried to ask Raul about the Great Railway Show, but he was shoved aside by Vinnie.

At the Great Railway Show, Raul competed against Thomas, Ashima, Gina and Ivan in the shunting challenge. However, he lost the event to both Thomas and Ashima when they won the event. After the Great Railway Show ended, Raul left the Mainland and returned to Brazil. (TVS; The Great Race)

Personality and Traits

Not much is known about Raul. However, he is described as being a feisty and agile tank engine, making him a perfect shunting engine.

Technical Details


Raul is based on the Sentinel No. 8398, which is currently numbered 166 on the São Paulo Railway. This vertical-boilered steam engine is still in use at the Amsted-Maxion Wagon Works in Cruzerio, Brazil, and is one of the last broad gauge locomotives still in working service. Raul shares his number with No. 166, but is scaled down from 5'3" (broad gauge) to 4'8½" (standard gauge), and is given buffers and screwlink couplings so that he can work on British railways.


Raul is painted in the colours of the Brazilian flag: yellow, blue, green and white. He is painted yellow and blue with a green stripe running between the two colours, and his engine doors are painted green. His bufferbeam and the sides of his running board are painted with yellow and black hazard stripes, and his buffers are grey. His braking mechanism and wheel rims are white, and his number, 166, is painted on the sides of his cab on a blue rhombus.


Thomas & Friends



  • Raul's Meet the Contenders video incorrectly states that he is based on the two-engined Sentinel No. 1709. This engine was the inspiration for Logan's number.
  • Even though Raul's wheels are grey, his promotional video depicts them as being blue, and his Take-n-Play release depicts him with green wheels.



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