Proteus is a legendary narrow gauge engine, whose magic lamp is said to grant the wishes of anyone who comes across it.


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Proteus was a very old narrow gauge engine, who was said to have worked high up in the hills of Sodor. According to legend, the headlamp he wore on his smokebox was magical, and anyone who would be lucky enough to find it would have their wishes granted. The signs to finding his lamp include feeling a rush of wind, hearing a strange creaking sound and seeing a flickering light.

Skarloey once told the story of Proteus to the other narrow gauge engines while they were at the Transfer Yards. Peter Sam believed that the story was silly and refused to believe it, but when he was making a late night trip along the line, he slowly became convinced the story was true when he saw many of the signs to finding the lamp. However, none of the noises and sights he came across came from the lamp. In the end, Peter Sam decided that simply believing the lamp would grant his wishes. (TVS; The Magic Lamp)

Years later, Mary Marvel, a famous storyteller, came to the Skarloey Railway to read stories about Proteus at a special show. While doing his jobs, Peter Sam rediscovered an abandoned statue of Proteus, and decided to keep it a secret until the show began. When the statue was found, it was restored and put on display in a park close to the railway. (TVS; Mountain Marvel)

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