Philip is a small, cheery diesel boxcab who works at Knapford as the station pilot. He is a young and enthusiastic little diesel, but tends to come off as being annoying by a few of the other engines.


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Philip was brought to the North Western Railway to work at Knapford as a shunting engine, and began shunting trains for the other engines. On his first day of work, he became eager to impress Gordon and waited for him to return to the station, but nothing he did was enough to impress him.

Eventually, Philip came across Gordon in the yard, and challenged him to a race to show him how fast he was. He zoomed out of the yard and raced all the way to Brendam Docks, but was seemingly unaware that Gordon had not actually participated in the race. (TVS; The Little Engine Who Raced Ahead)

Philip became proud of his victory, and began boasting to the other engines about how fast he was. After taking a train of empty trucks to the Quarry, he found James hanging over the top of a tunnel mouth after having an accident. Philip promised to find help, but before he could leave, James fell from the tunnel and landed on top of his cab roof, preventing him from leaving. Philip's Driver found a nearby cottage and called for help, and after James was sent to the Steamworks, Philip proudly told the other engines about his rescue. (TVS; Philip to the Rescue)

After Thomas' encounter with Ashima, Philip told her to stay away from her, believing her to be nothing from trouble. He was later chosen by the Fat Controller to represent Sodor as its flag carrier for the Great Railway Show, and went to the Mainland with the other engines.

However, Philip ran into trouble with Vinnie as the railway show went underway. He first encountered Vinnie when he was trying to show Gorodn the track for his race, and ran into Vinnie when the North American engine was on his way to the strength competition. Philip later ran into Vinnie again when he was trying to get Thomas' attention, and ran away as he was being chased. Vinnie ran through a coal hopper that Carlos had been using and became infuriated, chasing Philip through the yard as the shunting challenge was underway and cornering Philip at the turntable well, threatening to push him in. However, Philip was rescued by both Thomas and Ashima when the two tank engines coupled up to Vinnie and pulled him back, allowing Philip to escape. After the Great Railway Show ended, Philip returned to Sodor with the other Sudrian engines. (TVS; The Great Race)

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