Neil Patrick Harris' Thomas & Friends Obsession is a video that was uploaded on the official Thomas & Friends YouTube channel to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the franchise. The video was made by comedy video website Funny or Die and HiT Entertainment, and features actor Neil Patrick Harris.

Contrary to the rest of the videos on the YouTube channel, this video is not intended for kids and is aimed at an older audience, such as teens and adults, as there is an example of (censored) profanity near the end of the video. It is, so far, the only example of the Thomas & Friends YouTube channel uploading a video not intended for its target audience.


The Emmy Award-winning comedy site, Funny Or Die and Thomas & Friends partnered to create a new video starring award-winning actor Neil Patrick Harris. The short celebrates Thomas’ 70th anniversary by highlighting a uniquely Thomas storyline - one that only parents of #ThomasObsessed children can understand!



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