"She's as precious as gold."
―Burnett Stone[src]

Lady is a small tank engine who serves as the guardian of the Magic Railroad, and is the engine responsible for keeping both Shining Time and Sodor alive. She is owned and protected by Burnett Stone, who also serves as her driver.


Thomas and the Magic Railroad

Lady once visited the Island of Sodor a long time ago with her driver, Burnett Stone. Unfortunately, they were found by Diesel 10, an evil diesel engine who wanted to destroy Lady. Diesel 10 pursued Lady, and in the ensuing chase, Burnett used up all of Lady's coal and made her go too fast, causing her to crash. Following the accident, Burnett took Lady back to Muffle Mountain, where he kept her in his workshop until he could restore her to working order. However, Burnett could not find the coal needed to make Lady steam, and after the death of his wife, he fell into a state of depression and found himself unable to make anymore progress on bringing Lady back to working order.

Lady remained out of service for many years, and without her presence, the Magic Railroad began to fade away, and Shining Time and Sodor were put at risk too. However, that all changed when Lily came back from Sodor, returning to the mountain with a fresh supply of Sudrian coal. Lady was finally able to steam up again, and she returned to Sodor once more with Burnett, Lily and Patch. However, Diesel 10 had returned to the Island once more and vowed to destroy Lady, and chased after her, Burnett and Thomas. Lady and Thomas managed to escape, but Diesel 10 fell off a collapsing viaduct and landed in a river barge. After Diesel 10's defeat, Lady gave Mr. Conductor and Junior the gold dust they needed to return to Shining Time.[1]

Thomas & Friends

Lady later appeared to Thomas in a dream when the steam and diesel engines were having a fallout. She appeared to his dream alongside Rusty and told him how to resolve the conflict between the two kinds of engines, inspiring him to have a meeting with the diesels so that the steam engines could work with them.[2]

Personality and Traits

Very little is known about Lady or what her personality is like. However, judging by her few lines in her appearances, she appears to be a wise and thoughtful engine.

Technical Details




Thomas & Friends




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