George is a grumpy steamroller who causes trouble wherever he goes. He is against the railways and their engines, and causes trouble for them at any given moment.


The Railway Series

George came to work near the Skarloey Railway in 1961 to help widen the road running parallel to the railway line, and immediately entered conflict with the engines working there. At the time, Sir Handel was boasting about the broad tyres fitted on his trailing wheels, so Skarloey tricked him into confronting George to divert his attention. When George and Sir Handel first met each-other, they immediately disliked one-another.

George met Sir Handel a few days later when they running along side-by-side, and barely gave him enough room to pass. The two argued with each-other as they tried to get ahead of one-another, which ended with George ramming his roller into Sir Handel's train. The train and construction crews argued with each-other until a policeman arrived at the scene, and a barrier was erected between the road and the rail. After his work was done, George went away, but Sir Handel believed he had been the one to send him away. (RWS; Gallant Old Engine)

Thomas & Friends

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In the Railway Series, George is painted green all over with grey wheels, a gold roof and a black funnel with a gold rim, and his name is written on the sides of his smokebox in yellow writing. In Thomas Comes Home, his green livery became teal.

In Thomas & Friends, George is painted mint green with gold boiler bands and red lining. His smokebox is painted black, his tyres are grey, and his name is written on the sides of his boiler in white writing. His face is also grey, whereas in the Railway Series, he was given a green face that blended in with his livery.


The Railway Series

Thomas & Friends