The Ffarquhar Branch Line is a branch line on the North Western Railway, which runs from the junction at Knapford until it makes its way up to Ffarquhar. The branch line is run by Thomas, who received the line as a reward after helping to rescue James after his accident.


The Railway Series

In 1885, a harbour line running from Elsbridge to Knapford was opened, which was lightly built and worked by horses. However, the harbour at Knapford required constant dredging, and by 1905, the cost had become prohibitive. The Mining Company abandoned the line to Knapford and extended the line along the road to Tidmouth, using small "Coffee Pot" locomotives for haulage.

In 1908, the line was destroyed by a gale. To alleviate this, A.W.Dry, with the help of a Treasury Loan, employed out-of-work miners to cut a tunnel through the ridge south of Tidmouth, and the Tidmouth, Knapford and Elsbridge Light Railway was formed.

Following the formation of the North Western Railway in 1915-16, the Elsbridge traffic was still being worked by the "Coffee Pot" engines, but it was relegated to a bay platform on the east side of the station, and the trains at Wellsworth no longer ran to Tidmouth.

By 1925, the lead mines at Toryreck were becoming run-down, but the quarries near Ffarquhar promised new traffic, and the line was extended to serve them. (Book; The Island of Sodor: Its People, History and Railways) After helping to rescue James from his accident, Thomas was given responsibility of the branch line and was given two new coaches, Annie and Clarabel. (RWS; Thomas the Tank Engine)

Thomas initially ran the branch line alone, and had few problems running it. However, in 1951, Thomas ran into trouble with the law when an officious constable booked him for running along the Quarry Tramroad without cowcatchers or sideplates. To solve the problem, the Fat Controller brought Toby and Henrietta to the railway to work on the tramroad. (RWS; Toby the Tram Engine)

In 1956/57, the Fat Controller launched his Knapford Harbour Improvement Scheme to relieve congestion at Tidmouth, and Percy was transferred to the branch line to help out. The station and junction at Knapford were moved up to the north of the river, and a new branch line was built on an easier gradient joining the old line, which became the Harbour Line. (RWS; Percy the Small Engine/The Island of Sodor: Its People, History and Railways)



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Name No. Description Image
Thomas 1 Thomas was built at Brighton Works in 1915, and arrived on the North Western Railway in the same year. In 1924/25, he was given responsibility of the branch line after rescuing James from an accident. Thomas looks after the passenger services on the branch line and loves his line dearly, believing it to be the most important part of the railway. ThomasTVSCGI
Percy 6 Percy arrived on Sodor prior to 1935, and worked as the station pilot at Tidmouth. In 1956/57, he was transferred to the branch line to help out with the construction of the new Knapford Harbour, and became a permanent member of the branch line. He handles the goods traffic on the branch line. PercyTVSCGI
Toby 7 Toby came to the Ffarquhar Branch Line with his coach, Henrietta, in 1951, after his old tramway in East Anglia shut down. He was brought to the railway to run the Quarry Tramroad, as Thomas had been forbidden to run on the line. Toby helps out with the goods traffic on the line with Percy, and takes the workmen up to Anopha Quarry on the tramroad. TobyTVSCGI
Daisy D1 Daisy is a diesel rail-car, who came to the Ffarquhar Branch Line in 1960 after Thomas crashed into the Ffarquhar Stationmaster's house. After Thomas returned from the Works, she was allowed to stay, and helped Thomas out with the passenger trains. In Thomas & Friends, Daisy was transferred to the Harwick Branch Line to handle the passenger duties. DaisyTVSCGI
Glynn (TVS; formerly) 1 Glynn was a small "Coffee Pot" engine, who used to work on the Ffarquhar Branch Line prior to Thomas' arrival. He was eventually withdrawn from service and left to rust at Ffarquhar, and Thomas assumed his duties on the branch line. Glynn was later removed from his siding at Ffarquhar and restored for Christmas. Glynn
Mavis FQC 1 Mavis is a diesel shunter who lives and works at Anopha Quarry. Although she is not owned by the North Western Railway, she is allowed to come down to Ffarquhar to deliver the trains of stone to the stone-cutters. She arrived on Sodor in 1962. MavisTVSCGI

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