Dodge is a diesel shunter and the twin brother of Splatter. He once worked as an accomplice for Diesel 10 with his twin, but abandoned him when he attempted to destroy Lady.


Thomas and the Magic Railroad

When Diesel 10 returned to Sodor, he brought Splatter and Dodge with him to carry out his dirty work. The two shunters were present whenever their boss was scheming, and were often involved in pranks on the steam engines. However, their plans rarely worked, and Dodge was once covered in sneezing dust when he and Splatter were too close to Tidmouth Sheds.

Dodge and his twin were later given the job of looking for the Magic Buffers, as Diesel 10 wished to destroy them to server all ties between Sodor and the Magic Railroad. However, he and his twin were unsuccessful in finding the buffers. Dodge also questioned Diesel 10 on many of his actions when he remained in his service, asking him why he had chose to throw Mr. Conductor to the Windmill.

When Diesel 10 found out that Lady was alive, he ordered Splatter and Dodge to help him destroy her. However, the two diesels refused to help him, as they had become tired of working for him.[1]

It is currently unknown what happened to Dodge after he abandoned Diesel 10, but he most likely returned to the Mainland when he was no longer needed on Sodor.

Personality and Traits

Dodge is rather awkward and cowardly. He is more intelligent than Splatter, but is still very much a fool, as his plans often do not go the way he wants to. However, he does enjoy watching Diesel 10 mess up.

Despite initially siding with Diesel 10, Dodge was reluctant to harm a fellow engine, even a steam engine, and when he was ordered by Diesel 10 to help destroy Lady, Dodge refused, turning against his old boss when he became fed-up with him.

Technical Details



Dodge is painted olive green and grey. His name is written on his sides in white writing, and his paint is heavily weathered.


Thomas & Friends



  • Dodge's model never returned from Canada when filming for Thomas and the Magic Railroad was completed.
  • Dodge's model was made out of either 'Arry or Bert's fifth season model.



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