Charlie is a purple tank engine who works in the shunting yard at Knapford. He is a fun-loving and comedic engine who enjoys telling jokes, though not all of the engines find him funny.


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Prior to coming to Sodor, Charlie worked on the Mainland with several other engines. He was known as one of the funniest engines on the Mainland, and was the favourite engine of the Other Railway's Controller.

Upon his arrival on the North Western Railway, Charlie was given Edward's jobs of delivering seats, ice cream and red carpet to the Tidmouth Town Square. When Thomas was given the responsibility of showing him around, Charlie tried to convince him to have fun and take things easy rather than focusing on his job. Thomas was concerned at first, but he joined in and raced against Charlie, causing him to lose Annie and Clarabel when they were uncoupled from him by mistake. Charlie tried to race Thomas to see who could find the coaches first, but Thomas sternly told him that he had no time for games. (TVS; Play Time)

When Edward was given the job of taking the Fat Controller's car to Maron to be repaired, Charlie arrived and began joking around. Edward became stern and told Charlie he had to focus on his job, but when Charlie insulted him, he raced him to Maron Station. However, this made Edward late with his job, and he further messed up by having the car repaired at the Steamworks. Charlie tried several times to have fun with Edward, but Edward told him that he had to do his work properly and had no time for fun and games. (TVS; Charlie and Eddie)

Personality and Traits

Technical Details


Charlie is based on a Manning Wardle L Class 0-6-0ST. These locomotives were built by Manning Wardle between 1891 and 1903, and were supplied to various civil engineering contracting firms in the United Kingdom. One of these engines, "Matthew Murray", has been preserved by the Middleton Railway. Billy is another member of this class.


Charlie is painted purple with lavender lining, and his wheels are red. His handrails, pipework and headlamp are gold, and his name is written in white on two gold nameplates fixated on each side of his saddle-tank. His number, 14, is written on his cab in gold with white lining.


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