Carlos is a small Mexican tender engine who has taken part in the Great Railway Show every year since the event's inception. He competed in the Best Decorated Engine Parade when the show was being held on the Mainland.


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Carlos participated in the Great Railway Show was being held for the very first time, and competed in the strength competition. He won the event, and became a celebrity back in Mexico. Since then, Carlos has competed in the Great Railway Show every year.

When the Great Railway Show was being held on the Mainland, Carlos decided to take part in the Best Decorated Engine Parade. He competed against James, Emily, Yong Bao and Rajiv, but ended up losing to the latter. Later on, Carlos was taking on coal, but was forced to reverse when Philip was running away from Vinnie. Coal poured down the hopper and covered Vinnie in coal dust, infuriating him.

After the Great Railway Show ended, Carlos left the Mainland and returned to Mexico. (TVS; The Great Race)

Personality and Traits

Carlos is described as being a happy and proud engine, always wearing a smile on his face.

Technical Details



Carlos is painted black, and his smokebox, bell, cowcatcher and footplate are painted silver. His handrails, cab doors, window trimming and footsteps are painted red, and he has green lining on his tender and domes. He carries his number, 903, on his lamp and cab, and the initials "N. DE M." are painted on the sides of his tender in white.


Thomas & Friends



  • Despite competing in the Best Decorated Engine Parade, Carlos is not decorated for the event, whereas the other contestants are either repainted or given decorations.


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