Captain Calles, known as "The Lost Pirate" in a legend, was a 16th Century pirate.


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During the 16th Century, Captain Calles became notorious for plundering merchants out at sea and sinking their ships, keeping their treasure for himself. However, the Merchants and the Navy teamed up to track Calles down, and he sailed his ship into a cavern that was open to the Irish Sea to bury his treasure. Captain Calles also drew a map so that he could find the treasure again, but for unknown reasons, he never returned for it. According to legend, the map was blown overboard, and ever since his death, he continues to search for the treasure, even as a ghost.

Over four centuries later, Thomas rediscovered Captain Calles' ship when he fell inside the cavern it had been hidden in. Sailor John managed to find his map, and Marion discovered the treasure. (TVS; Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure)

Personality and Traits

Not much is known about Captain Calles, but like most pirates, he was a very greedy and tyrannical man who sank merchant ships to steal their valuables.

Physical Appearance


Thomas & Friends


  • Captain Calles' name is a pun on the word "callous", referring to his ruthless personality and the fact that he was a pirate.


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