C. Junior, Junior for short, is Mr. Conductor's mischievous cousin and the current Conductor of Shining Time Station. Like his cousin, he is a 20-centimetre tall man in Shining Time, but becomes normal-sized in the Magic Railroad and Sodor.


Thomas and the Magic Railroad

Junior was called by Mr. Conductor to bring him his spare supply of gold dust, as he was running out of it and desperately needed more. However, Junior was beginning to run out of gold dust too, and he brought Lily with him. They met up with Thomas upon their arrival, and together, they went to the Windmill, where they met Mr. Conductor.

While Mr. Conductor spoke to Lily, Junior noticed the sails rotating and decided to take a joyride on them, ignoring Mr. Conductor's warnings. Unfortunately for Junior, the windmill began going too fast, and he lost grip of the sails and flew in the air, landing on top of Diesel 10's roof. Diesel 10 raced across the Island with Junior on his roof and came to a stop at the Scrapyards, where Junior was flung on top of James' cab. Diesel 10 cornered the pair near a set of old buffers and threatened to push them into the melting pit, but Junior managed to teleport both James and himself out of the Scrapyard by using the last of his gold dust.

After Lady returned and the gold dust was restored, Junior was given a fresh supply of gold dust, and gave some of his supply to Lily. Junior was then offered by his cousin to assume the role of Conductor of Shining Time Station, which he gladly accepted, opting not to go back to the beach. (Film; Thomas and the Magic Railroad)

Personality and Traits

Physical Appearance




  • Junior is apparently allergic to grass, and can easily become motion-sick.
  • Junior was originally intended to speak with an English accent. However, when Michael E. Rodgers was cast for the role, Britt Allcroft changed Junior's accent to Scottish to reflect Rodgers' heritage.
  • In the original script of Thomas and the Magic Railroad, Junior would have turned both Diesel 10 and P.T. Boomer into sludge with his magic bandana.