Billy is a bright orange tank engine with large buck teeth. He is a stubborn engine who refuses to listen to advice, even if he does not know what to do.


Thomas & Friends

When Billy arrived on the North Western Railway, Thomas was asked by the Fat Controller to show him around and tell him how to do his work. Although Thomas meant well, Billy became fed-up with him and believed him to be a bossy engine, refusing to listen to him even though he was only giving him advice. Billy began freely running around the railway, neglecting to do most of his work.

After many failed attempts to get Billy to listen to him, Thomas gave up and allowed Billy to do whatever he wanted. Billy was delighted, but ran out of coal and water before he could leave the yard, and now required Thomas' help. After being refueled, Billy managed to complete his jobs with Thomas' help, and finally admitted to him that he had enjoyed working with him. (TVS; Don't Be Silly, Billy)

Personality and Traits

Billy is rather impatient and impetuous, and has a tendency to act before thinking through things thoroughly. He does not enjoy being told what to do and sometimes refuses to listen to advice, even if it may benefit him. However, after working with Thomas, Billy saw the error of his ways, and was glad to listen to his advice and learn from him.

Technical Details


Billy is based on a Manning Wardle L Class 0-6-0ST. These locomotives were built by Manning Wardle between 1891 and 1903, and were supplied to various civil engineering contracting firms in the United Kingdom. One of these engines, "Matthew Murray", has been preserved by the Middleton Railway. Charlie is another member of this class.


Billy is painted bright orange with green and yellow lining, his bufferbeam is painted red, and his footplate is painted light grey. He carries his name on two black nameplates fixated on the sides of his saddle-tank in gold writing.


Thomas & Friends


  • Billy was originally going to appear in the thirteenth season episode, Splish Splash Splosh, and was present in the original script of the episode. However, he was replaced by Charlie in the final script. [1]




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