Bertram, nicknamed "The Old Warrior" because of his bravery, is a narrow gauge tender engine who worked in an old mine on the far side of the Island of Sodor. He currently takes visitors around the mine.


Thomas & Friends

Bertram used to work in an old mine on the far side of Sodor, and worked alongside several other little engines. However, the mines closed, and many of the engines were either sent away or scrapped. Bertram stayed in the mines even after they closed down, and was presumably left to rust. He became something of a myth to the other engines, who claimed he was a ghost who haunted the mine.

Years later, Toby stumbled across Bertram when he was patrolling the mine one evening. Toby was initially spooked, but when he realized that Bertram was friendly, he warmed up to him and became friends with him. When the mines were reopened as a tourist attraction, Bertram began taking visitors around the mine to the different attractions that had been built. (TVS; Toby's Discovery)

Personality and Traits

Not much is known about Bertram's personality. However, he is said to be incredibly brave, hence why he is nicknamed the "Old Warrior".

Technical Details



Bertram is painted dark brown with red lining.


Thomas & Friends


  • According to Britt Allcroft, Bertram was originally going to be a tank engine, but the modeling team did not have the budget to build a new model, leading them to repainting Duke's model with Smudger's face.
  • Bertram has been depicted with a nameplate in most of his merchandise, despite the fact that his nameplate was painted over in the television series.



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