Barry, named after Barry Island, the home of the scrapyard he was rescued from, was a character that was going to be introduced in the Railway Series. He was created by Christopher Awdry and was going to make his debut in Barry the Rescue Engine, but it was cancelled due to young fans not wanting anymore new characters.

Technical Details


Barry is based on a BR Standard Class 2.[1] He is most likely based on the 2MT 2-6-0 rather than the 2MT 2-6-2T, as none of the tank engines were ever sent to Barry Island.


  • According to Chapter 15 of The Thomas the Tank Engine Man, Christopher Awdry explains that he submitted the outline for Barry, but the younger fans responded by saying they wanted more stories focused on Thomas and his friends, and wanted no more new characters. He was quoted as saying: "But, I haven't altogether given up; you could say Barry is dead but not yet buried!"


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