The "Coffee Pots" were four small tank engines that were built for the Tidmouth, Knapford and Elsbridge Light Railway. After the formation of the North Western Railway, they were used as spare engines on the Ffarquhar Branch Line until they were eventually scrapped.


The Railway Series

Thomas & Friends

The "Coffee Pots" used to look after the Ffarquhar Branch Line before the other engines arrived on the railway, but they were eventually withdrawn from service. The last known Coffee Pot, Glynn, was left to rust on an overgrown siding at Ffarquhar. (TVS; The Adventure Begins) Years later, he was restored and put back into service. (TVS; The Christmas Coffeepot)

It is currently unknown what happened to the remainder of the Coffee Pots after they were withdrawn from service, but they were most likely scrapped.


The Railway Series

Thomas & Friends



  • The "Coffee Pots" and Glynn were added into The Adventure Begins by railway consultant Sam Wilkinson, thus making them canon in the television series.


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